My September Favourites

This was originally supposed to be an August favourites, but as we are half way through September I changed it to that. I have not written a post in several months now though so I really need to get back into it! University has been super hectic for me and then over the break I was too busy seeing everyone. I’m back now though, and hopefully I can keep this up. So here is my first ever favourites post! I love reading these so I am excited to do my own!


Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Palette Decadent 505

I went home over the holidays so I left a lot of my make up at university. Instead I reached for this palette again which I have only really used a couple of times. I don’t use eyeshadow particularly often but I was working so I applied it every day. For those who want a really bold look, this might not be enough for you, however as I am still new to makeup I liked the subtle colours. My favourites were probably shades 1 and 3, the pinkier shades. The other two could be good for a night out for me, but I wouldn’t really use them for an everyday look.

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