Genius Ways To Rescue Your Baking

Everyone that knows me is well aware of my lack of skill in the kitchen. However, I am also infamous for finding genius ways to save my baking, mostly out of sheer desperation. I am not here to teach you how to make extravagant baking…..unfortunately I don’t have that skill. What I can teach you is how to save that baking when you make mistakes. Trust me, I have had to do that too many times to count. I can’t promise it’ll always work, sometimes there is just no saving it. But when its already ruined, its certainly worth trying!

Soften Hard Baking

I have overcooked baking more times then I can count. One genius way I have discovered for restoring hard baking is to place it inside a sealed container along with slices of bread. Don’t ask me how this works, I have no idea myself, but leave it for a couple of hours and it’ll be nice and soft. I have used this one to rescue cookies a few times, but I’ve heard it works with cakes too.

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