My 2017 Goals-July Anaylsis

This year was full of a lot of changes for me. I moved half way across the country to attend university, leaving behind my family, friends and boyfriend. I do not regret this for a second! I am so happy with the decisions I have made so far this year. However, at the beginning of the year, I was pretty worried. Hence why, I came up with a list of goals for the year. These aren’t measurable, and a lot of them aren’t goals that have a finish. They are just ways I wanted to improve myself. I’ll evaluate how I’m going here and set some plans up for the future.


Be More Confident

This was definitely something I wanted to work on this year, and I am getting better at talking to new people. However, I am most certainly an introvert, and it is obvious a lot of the time that I am not comfortable. This even extends to my friend group. There is a huge group of us and walking into a room they are all in can be nerve racking.  I can relax once I get in there and start talking to someone, but I have to encourage myself to go and socialise.

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Starting a blog was always a bit daunting. Heres how I decided to start a blog

Why I Finally Started A Blog: My Totally Relatable Story


As much as I enjoyed reading blogs, the idea of starting my own blog was always a bit daunting. Here is the totally relatable story of why I finally started a blog, and the list of attributes that I decided would help me succeed.


Starting a blog appeared daunting. Here is why I decided to start my own
The reasons why I chose to start my blog and the checklist that motivated me to do it.


The Upbringing

As the oldest of four children, I have always been the test child. The first in the family to do anything, with very little assistance and help from older people who have recently succeeded in whatever I was attempting to do. I was the one who had to struggle through it alone, often with my parents who were equally as anxious and often more clueless as to what I was attempting.

After surviving these changes, I would then have to sit and watch my younger siblings easily navigate the world with my parents who were now much more skilled. Not particularly fair.


The Love

It is during these times of stress and uncertainty that I first began to look at blogs as a way to understand whatever world I was about to step into, and never has my search been more frantic, as my last year of high school as I tried to plan for my future life in university.

And let me tell you, blogs have been a lifesaver. Any question I wanted to know, I could just search for information on the subject. These were very useful!


The Call to Action

The only issue was, they were, more often than not, written by American students.

Now don’t get me wrong, these students still gave me a wealth of knowledge. But as a girl coming from a small town in New Zealand, a lot of what they said either wasn’t applicable, or impossible to implement myself.

Examples include Amazon Prime for Students, countless scholarships only available in the USA, and multiple discounts, products and stores that I had never even heard of, much less be able to utilise.

I have yet to find, much less enjoy, a successful New Zealand girls blog (let me know in the comments below if you have found one and I’ll make sure to read it)

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my time on these blogs, and loved sitting down with a chai latte and reading through the latest posts, usually via Pinterest. These blogs boasted stories of successful college girls showing the lives they lived and the goals they have achieved. Going into my first year of university I was determined to get out there and started doing what I wanted to do with my life. And one of those dreams was to start a blog.


My Plan

I sat down and wrote a list of attributes I thought would help me succeed in my quest to begin a blog.

  • A Regular Time Commitment-I am well known for being excellent with my time management
  • Organisation Skills-not quite so renowned, but I just bought a fancy customised planner so I’m hopeful.
  • English Proficiency-Well I did get an excellence endorsement in English at school.
  • A love for reading and writing-I have been an avid book lover/ wannabe author since I was five.
  • Content Ideas-This might be a bit harder to achieve but I’m notoriously creative
  • Design skills-five years of digital media at high school should do the trick.
  • Some idea about what I was doing-Yeah nah not much of that. But hey, that’s what trusty blogs were for.
  • A small amount of money to invest-This one was difficult. I am completely broke!!Did I have these things? Meh sorta. But where there is a will, there is sometimes a way. And at the end of the day you will only know if you try.

Did I have these attributes? Well not all of them…..but I was eager to learn and determined to try.


The Challenge

Now that I had this idea, I had to try and follow through. Somehow. Not gonna lie, it is a pretty daunting task when you’re starting out! Especially as I was about to begin my first year at university so I would be super busy anyway!

Once you pay the money there is no going back. So I signed up for a WordPress blog, paid my super cheap fee and instantly began googling blogging tips.

Will I make tonnes of money? Nah.

Get famous? Let’s hope not!

I am just keen to have fun with this blog and see where it takes me.


The reasons why I chose to start my blog and the checklist that motivated me to do it.


The Success Story

This blog is still just a work in progress. However I can promise you that the fun is just beginning. Wish me luck guys! Lets see what we can achieve together.

Cheers, Alura xx

I answered these twenty questions.

Get to Know Someone With 20 Questions + A look at how I answered them

A common activity when you first meet someone is a game of twenty questions. Since you are reading my little blog, I have come to the conclusion that you want to get to know me better. So I decided to make up a list of questions and answer them here so that you can better understand me. Some of these questions are pretty simple, while others are a little more personal but I hope that through them you can understand me a little better. So here goes

I answered these twenty questions.
They say twenty questions is one of the best ways to get to know someone fast.
  1. What are three things you are passionate about?

    One thing you will quickly learn about me is that I am an extremely passionate person. In particular I have a passion for literature, fitness and human rights.

  2. What makes you happy?

    This may sound really weird but I am a workaholic. There is nothing I like better than to be busy, working hard and being productive and finishing the day tired but happy. I love to learn and to succeed and unfortunately both of those require hard work. As much as I love my downtime, after too long I start to get bored and disappointed in myself for not being productive.

  3. What do you feel is the biggest life lesson you have learnt so far? 

    Sometimes no matter how much you want it, you aren’t going to be successful.

  4. What is one thing you want to teach your children?

    To strive for success. Not to work because you have to, but because you want to.

  5. Are you a dog or cat person?

    Totally a cat person! I love my cat!!

  6. What makes you angry?

    Ignorance. Nothing makes me angrier than people making important decisions, or discriminating against another individual or group, or broadcasting their own opinions when they have not taken the time to properly research the subject. You are negatively impacting the lives of others and yourself through sheer ignorance!

  7. What would be your perfect day?

    To wake up naturally and go for a workout before spending the day lying in the sun reading a book.

  8. What is the first impressions people get about you?

    I am a shy introvert, so I often come across as rather quiet and people have even told me that they thought I didn’t like them! I do take awhile to get to know people but I do relax once I get to know you.

  9. What is your favourite childhood memory? 

    Attending a sports tournament with my team when I was thirteen. It was a really relaxed, fun atmosphere and we got to travel to a new place and stay together as a team. We ended up winning that tournament too which was a bonus!

  10. What do you do when you are stressed?

    I usually try to calm myself by repeating multiplication tables-nerdy I know haha. I generally retreat inside myself as well.

  11. How do you feel about your family?

    I love my family, and even though I come from a big family I appreciate its size and we are all close to each other.

  12. What is your most embarrassing moment?

    I get embarrassed pretty easily, but I don’t think anything major has happened to me that I can recall. Just things such as accidentally putting on a shirt inside out or confidentially calling out an answer in class to a question and getting it wrong.

  13. What is your dream?

    To make something of this blog and of myself. To work to bring equality to the world. And to be happy.

  14. If you could magically receive one quality, what would it be?

    I would like to be able to turn invisible.

  15. Name three of your favourite foods.

    Raspberries, chocolate and pavlova

  16. What are you grateful for in life?

    My upbringing. I come from a small town in what I believe to be one of the best countries in the world. I am grateful for that.

  17. What is one lesson you learnt from failure?

    Sometimes you have to walk away.

  18. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

    I want to be taller.

  19. What is your favourite book?

    Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine. It is amazing!! I totally recommend it for those who like historical fantasy novels.

  20. What are your goals for this blog?

    To enjoy writing and reading and connecting with people worldwide. Lets help make that goal a reality!

    Want to understand a friend or SO, use these questions!
    Use these questions to really get to know someone


Want to introduce yourself on your blog? Or maybe you would like to try these questions with your friend or significant other?

I’ve Finally Done It


My blog is up and running and I cannot be any happier! Talk about a lot of work though, blog posts on the subject fail to mention how difficult it is to actually navigate through choosing themes and that sort of thing.

I apologise that the blog is pretty boring right now, but trust me, I will be remedying that at the earliest opportunity. Not right now though, because I really want breakfast!

So stay tuned for fun and exciting posts, and I promise I will get round to fixing the design of the site at the earliest opportunity. I did not get straight excellences in my five years of digital media at school for nothing (except for that one exam, but we don’t mention that.)

Anyway, wish me luck guys!