My September Favourites

This was originally supposed to be an August favourites, but as we are half way through September I changed it to that. I have not written a post in several months now though so I really need to get back into it! University has been super hectic for me and then over the break I was too busy seeing everyone. I’m back now though, and hopefully I can keep this up. So here is my first ever favourites post! I love reading these so I am excited to do my own!


Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Palette Decadent 505

I went home over the holidays so I left a lot of my make up at university. Instead I reached for this palette again which I have only really used a couple of times. I don’t use eyeshadow particularly often but I was working so I applied it every day. For those who want a really bold look, this might not be enough for you, however as I am still new to makeup I liked the subtle colours. My favourites were probably shades 1 and 3, the pinkier shades. The other two could be good for a night out for me, but I wouldn’t really use them for an everyday look.

Colour by TBN Magnetic Grey

I received this polish in a set of three magnetic nail polishes. While I have had little luck with the magnetic part, I like how strong this nail polish is. You only really need one coat to make it look good and it lasts for a reasonable amount of time. I haven’t tried any of their normal nail polishes so I am not sure whether that is just a trait for the magnetic ones but I definitely like it!


AVON Advance Techniques Shine Supreme Shine Serum

I only used this a few times when I was home, but every time I did I got compliments on my hair. It looked healthier and shiner and I felt it helped tame my frizzy hair a little. You have to apply this when your hair is wet and then run it through your hair. You can also apply a little to dry hair but I haven’t tried that yet. I thought it would make my hair feel sticky initially but it doesn’t at all!



I didn’t bring my foundation home with me so I was using this instead. I found it quite amusing actually how many people came up to me and complimented how healthy I looked! They didn’t even know that I was wearing make up, they just thought I looked really healthy! This was really encouraging for me because I was having mixed feelings about this product. Even though it is a light shade it is still too dark for my skin and it does make my skin feel oily. But I do love how easy it goes on and how natural it looks. The coverage is pretty good too! Overall I was really happy with this product!

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder 010 Fair

This has been a staple to my make up regime for many years. I don’t like spending loads on expensive make up so I am glad I could find a powder that helps prevent my skin from getting oily. I always use this to keep my make up in place and it helps it last longer. The coverage isn’t that great because that isn’t really the intention of the product and I always wear it over foundation anyway so I don’t mind that. I am starting to use it up now so I am not sure if I will repurchase it again or try something different but in the meantime I like it!


Shelley Bliss Perfumed Body Spray Deodorant 75ml

I have never really found a perfume that I have liked, or has been cheap enough to justify purchasing it so for the moment I am sticking with body sprays. I really like this one, and I used it frequently while I was at home. You can’t use aerosols in my university hall because of the fire alarms so I could only use it at home. I don’t usually love floral scents but this is a really nice one that isn’t too overpowering and its just nice to wear.

So that was my favourites post for September. I really enjoyed writing this and I will certainly be doing more of these post. I want to talk more about beauty on my blog so let me know if you like this post! Leave a comment below letting me know if you’ve tried any of these products and your thoughts on them. I’d be interested to know what you think!

Cheers, Alura xx

2 thoughts on “My September Favourites

  • I appreciate that you actually use these products 🙂 Before there were times seeing monthly favourite blog posts and I always wondered at the back of my mind do these bloggers really use these products? I say this because previously it looks like it had just been purchased for the blog post. I remember trying Avon products before but stopped. My hair is always seeming in a frizz 😛 I will check out this product 🙂

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