My 2017 Goals-July Anaylsis

This year was full of a lot of changes for me. I moved half way across the country to attend university, leaving behind my family, friends and boyfriend. I do not regret this for a second! I am so happy with the decisions I have made so far this year. However, at the beginning of the year, I was pretty worried. Hence why, I came up with a list of goals for the year. These aren’t measurable, and a lot of them aren’t goals that have a finish. They are just ways I wanted to improve myself. I’ll evaluate how I’m going here and set some plans up for the future.


Be More Confident

This was definitely something I wanted to work on this year, and I am getting better at talking to new people. However, I am most certainly an introvert, and it is obvious a lot of the time that I am not comfortable. This even extends to my friend group. There is a huge group of us and walking into a room they are all in can be nerve racking.  I can relax once I get in there and start talking to someone, but I have to encourage myself to go and socialise.

Make More of an Effort with My Look

In the past, it has been too easy to just wear comfy clothes and ignore what I look like. This one stemmed more from my need to make friends this year. I thought if I was more fashionable then I would get more friends. The majority of my friends are guys. I don’t think they care AT ALL what I look like. I have made more of an effort to wear nice clothes and not just sweats all the time which I like doing. Still not a huge fan of make up, plus I don’t want to spend a lot of money to get decent stuff. I wear it for nights out, but not in my daily life.

I still need to work more on my skincare routine and it would be nice to update my wardrobe a bit. My shoes have holes in them and I only have three nice pairs of pants.

Be More Happy

This isn’t as easy as my happy-go-lucky sister would like to believe. A long distance relationship isn’t easy and that is usually the cause of my sadness. I often wonder if it is worth damaging my mental health over a guy. Considering how happy he makes me, I think its worth it. But we have struggled a lot and we are still working out how best to make our relationship last.

My issue with my LDR, and with other relationships in my life, is that I am rather selfish. When my boyfriend is too busy to reply to me all day, I get angry that he cannot make the effort to reply to my texts. He works full time and also is a high performance athlete. I need to learn to appreciate the times he does reply, instead of getting angry when he doesn’t.

I also need to do more that brings me long term happiness. I want to break my sugar addiction, I want to enjoy my workouts a lot more, I want to work harder with my friendships at university. Most importantly, I need to learn to stop overthinking and start living. Stop taking life so seriously and just enjoy the moment. These aren’t easy changes to make. Wish me luck!

I wrote a post on my LDR struggles and how we make our relationship work. Click the picture to read it.

Don’t Be So Opinionated

I have always had very strong opinions, and I have always spoken my mind. This brings me a lot of grief and I know a lot of people, especially my family, don’t appreciate it. I haven’t really worked on that this year, but I should. I should only speak my opinion to people who want to hear it and remain calm and composed when speaking. I also need to learn to have less opinions. To relax more and just enjoy living.

I also need to stop being negative. I am a rather negative person-even this blog post is pretty negative. I should catch myself when I am speaking negatively and turn things into a positive.

Be A Little More Crazy

I am the mother of my friend group. I am the one worrying and complaining while everyone else has fun. I am the one who doesn’t drink. I am the one who stays home because I don’t like stepping outside of my comfort zone. I need to work on this! A lot! Nobody likes the boring, sensible one, and neither do I a lot. I just don’t know how else to interact some of the time.

I have been more “crazy” this year then I have before. These are often fun experiences and I always have strong memories. While I’m not going to be stupid, I am going to learn to have a bit more fun.

Stay Fit

Last year I was super fit and healthy and lean. This year, not so much. I used to play a lot of sport, however, when I started university, I didn’t join any teams. I go to the gym every morning, and I do yoga and I do Zumba. I still want to get more variety into my workouts though. And I want to learn to enjoy exercise again. Since being home, I’ve been biking a few times and I’ve loved it. I need to do more interesting workouts to keep me engaged and enjoying it.

I also need to eat way healthier! While being healthy isn’t easy in university, my main issue is my inability to resist sugar. I wrote a post here on how to eat healthier while at university and I have been following this! I have lost two kilograms in the past couple of months, though I want to continue to eat well and lose a little more weight still.

Check out my post here

Value My Relationships

I do not keep in touch well with other people. The only person I can do this with is my boyfriend. All others, I do not make much of an effort. This needs to change next semester. I will comply a list of people I want to keep in touch with and make sure I do regularly. When I am with people, I want to take lots of photos, so that I can remember our times together. I don’t even have a photo with my boyfriend!!

I also need to be more giving in my relationships. I often forget to buy gifts for people for their birthdays, or I buy a general gift and not one that they deserve.

Be Successful

My final goal is to be successful with my studies. I enjoy doing well and I prioritise it highly. I am happy with my marks this semester and I want to continue to do well.


I also want to be successful with these goals. Wish me luck!!

Cheers xx

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